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Child under EU flag

Steps for Europe (S4E) is a non-profit civic start-up, under Belgian law (vzw), that has been created to reinforce the European Public Sphere and promote the values of the EU.
The absence of a real common European sphere is a huge obstacle for integration and cohesion. At the EU level, the identity component common in most European countries is not very strong.
A vibrant European sphere is needed to challenge the myths that surround the European Union by presenting stories that answer citizens’ concerns. The EU needs a real communication revolution if it wants to highlight its achievements and its added value.


Our mission is to foster understanding, transparency and participation of citizens in EU policy and decision making. To inspire and help them to understand and influence major policy decisions.
To sustain the European unification idea and promote Europe as a continent of values. A peace project and an area of freedom and democracy where fundamental rights are respected.

To educate citizens about Europe. People are not aware of the added value of the EU. There is an urgent need to explain what Europe is doing in a language that everybody understands.

To build sustainable bridges of understanding between the citizens of the European countries

To create a community of citizen journalists covering interesting European topics in an ethical and deontological way.

S4E is open for all nationalities, ages, races & religions. It does not represent any national, political, corporate nor NGO point of view.



S4E welcomes all sides of a debate to defend their points of view, always based on the values that are included in Article 2 of the Treaty of the European Union:

“The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail.”

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Stavros Papagianneas
Founder & Director


Noel Swinnen
Treasurer - Manager Membership & Partnerships


Helen Willems
Pro Bono Programme Manager

What we do

S4E aims at creating a pro-European platform for debate, information exchange as well as the development of ideas in helping to find solutions for societal challenges via events, debate, training, publications & other communication tools and channels.

S4E welcomes participants from the EU institutions, local & national governments & institutions, the private sector, academia, SMEs & NGOs, associations, migrants, minorities, federations & non-profit.

One of the largest problems of the EU is that European citizens don't know each other well.

S4E aims to be a successful concept for citizens that really get to know European countries and cultures in an interactive way. People need a personal and emotional idea in order to feel like a part of a whole. 

It is difficult to solve the problems of the EU, if its citizens don’t feel like they belong together and that those issues concern us all.

Solving our continent's difficulties via cooperation, dialogue and understanding has become a crucial condition for the future of Europe.

Our priority is to focus on misconceived European topics and promote projects that will address them with maximum impact and understanding.



Christoph Klenner
S4E Ambassador for Belgium

A European and pan-European at heart, Christoph was born in Belgium, has three (EU) nationalities and speaks five languages. An economist educated in Belgium, the Netherlands and Hungary, Christoph spent the first twelve years of his career as an EU public affairs practitioner for blue chip companies and trade associations, most recently as the head of the European organisation representing major digital travel platforms. In 2018, Christoph became an entrepreneur focused on human-centric technology to help shape a more sustainable and future-proof travel and tourism industry. Christoph is also active within the Belgian Christian-democrat party CD&V and the European People's Party. He lives in Brussels with his Polish wife, two daughters and one son.


Androulla Vassiliou
S4E Ambassador for Cyprus

Between 2008 & 2010, Androulla Vassiliou was European Commissioner for Health and then, until 2014,  European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism & Youth under the 2nd Barroso Commission. From 1996 till 2006 she was a member of  the House of Representatives of Cyprus with the Movement of United Democrats. During this time she served on the European Affairs Committee and the EU-Cyprus Joint Parliamentary Committee. Between 2001 & 2006 she was vice president of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party, and the chairperson of the European Liberal Women's Network. Since 2001 she has been chairperson of the board of trustees of the Cyprus Oncology Centre. She has been president of the Cyprus Federation of Business & Professional Women since 1996.


Thomas Blozovski
S4E Ambassador for France

A student in  European Affairs at the University of Lyon, with a multinational background.  He grow up as a French national, but also as a European.  He believes in a stronger EU, which requires both political integration and the rise of a genuine common culture. During his numerous trips, he witnessed that despite their precious national identities, Europeans share common values and a similar way of life. He is aware of the fierce economic competition we are involved in. Therefore, he strongly believes that we need more Europe.


Jane Morrice
S4E Ambassador for UK

Born in Belfast before the "troubles", Jane was Deputy Speaker of the 1st Northern Ireland Assembly set up following the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. She was elected to represent the NI Women’s Coalition, a political party set up to promote women in the peace negotiations. Formerly she was a reporter for BBC Belfast, then Head of the EC Office in NI and a member of the Delors Task Force for the creation of  the 1st EU PEACE Programme in NI. She served as NI Equality Commissioner. She was Member of the European Economic Social Committee  & EESC Vice President for Communications (2013-2015). Specialising in peace-building, she authored several EESC "Opinions" on the role of the EU in the NI Peace process. Following the UK/EU referendum, she launched a petition to keep NI in the EU as part of the UK.


David Dercsényi
S4E Ambassador for Hungary

He is a journalist who lived for 15 years in a totalitarian regime where Europe was not an option, and ten years in a country where Europe is more a curse than a blessing - according to the rhetorics of the ruling party Fidesz. He has double boundaries about the idea of a united Europe. For decades Hungary was on the side of losers, but the country had a chance to join the EU in 2004. It enjoys the advantages of the EU: funds, educational and economical possibilities. Still, as a journalist Dávid can see, how an average Hungarian lacks a desired state of mind: the society isn't strong and independent enough to fight for its values.


Lina Jakučionienė
S4E Ambassador for Lithuania

Former director corporate communication at ERGO insurance group in the Baltic States. She has worked as the Head of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. She is currently a lecturer, PhD student and member of the Management Committee for the International Communication master’s degree Study Programmes at Vilnius university. Lina is jury member for the Digital Communication Awards in Berlin and the Grand Jury member of New York Festivals Advertising Awards honouring the World's Best Advertising since 1957. Lina has been president of the Lithuanian Communication Association.


Maria da Graça Carvalho
S4E Ambassador for Portugal

Maria da Graça Carvalho is currently a member of the European Parliament. She is actively engaged in ITRE, IMCO, FEMM and AIDA committees, while she is also co-chairing the parliamentary intergroup on Long-term, Sustainable Investments and Competitive European Industry. Maria da Graça Carvalho is also the chair of the Board of Directors of Instituto Francisco Sá Carneiro. She is a Full Professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon). Previously, she was a senior advisor of Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, she was a member of the European Parliament and one of the rapporteurs of Horizon 2020.She was Principal Adviser to President Barroso in the fields of Science, Higher Education, Innovation, Research Policy, Energy, Environment and Climate Change. She served twice as a Minister of Science and Higher Education of the XV and XVI Constitutional Government of Portugal.


Marco Ricorda
S4E Ambassador for Italy

Former Communication Advisor to the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and the President of the ALDE Group and Former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt, Marco is now Communication Officer at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) in Malta. Marco is an international communication expert, blogger, commentator and public speaker. European at heart, promoter of transatlantic relations and supporter of a decisive role for the European Union globally.


Panagiota Pimenidou
S4E Ambassador for Greece

Panagiota Pimenidou (PhD) is a chemical engineer and was a tenured academic in the U.K. Her research has included hydrogen production, carbon dioxide capture, and emissions reduction from biodiesel. She has been a mentor of doctoral students in STEM under EU and non-profit initiatives. She is also the founder and hostess of the Global Greek Influence podcast that reveals the synergies that define today's world: from science and engineering to education and philosophy, research, technology, geopolitics, innovation and entrepreneurship. Giota believes that European integration comes through a shared geostrategic vision whose implementation advances and secures the Union’s cohesion in an ever-changing world.


Ambassadors in all European countries

Official launch and program foreseen in September 2020 - We are looking for Ambassadors in all European countries. Are you a candidate? Please send a short bio and a short motivation letter with no more than 100 words to Stavros Papagianneas at



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